BLOCKFLÖTEN-Musik - music for recorders - flauta dulce

Pieces for 3 an 4 redorders

Attractive Pieces for Recorder-TRIO (S A T ) and Quartet (S A T B), different styles: Latin American, Blues, Pop, modest contemporanean, not difficult, for interested pupils and concerts.

BlockflTrio-QuartA Cueca triste

Blockfl-Trio-Quart-B Lovely moments

Listen for example Mr. Papalin - he plays my FIESTA LATINA (Latin american styles)


Little Gringo-Suite / Kleine Gringo-Suite 
Short - catchy - typical - not difficult .... Recorder-Trio (S - A- T) or other instruments; guitar, percussion ad lib.

Original - Latin - Taste: Pop - Son Chapín - Huayno - Vidalitá - Salsa - Joropo - Bossa Nova

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Zwischen den Stühlen / Between the chairs

Concert-Pieces for Recorder (Tenor, Alto, oder other instrument like flute, oboe, violin) and piano / between serious and entertainig ...
Can be played as suite.
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